Orange County’s leading product design studio focused on bringing innovative technology to improve the quality of high heel use.


Constant and/or prolonged use of high heels has been shown to cause severe damage to joints, muscles, and bones that make up the foot, ankle and legs. In addition, misalignment to posture can also have horrific implications on posture. Many of these problems can cause chronic aches, pains, and even injury that become difficult to mitigate. Not surprisingly, women undergo nearly 90% of the nearly 800,000 annual surgeries that are performed for neuromas, bunions, and hammertoes, which draws a link between the types of shoes worn and the development of abnormal foot conditions in women. High heel wearers are prone to injuries, as injury rates have doubled from 2002 to 2012.

What is Anavasi?

Anavasi is a progressive high heel shoe company that is redefining the static nature of the high heel shoe. The current nature of high heel shoes poses a great threat to the health of wearers through prolonged use. Anavasi’s innovative high heel shoe design will mitigate this issue by allowing the high heel shoe to reconfigure into a flat-soled shoe. By virtue of simple, yet effective locking mechanisms, Anavasi’s high heel shoe design will allow for seamless transition between upright (high heel) and flat-soled configurations. Anavasi’s goal is to reduce health issues caused by constant use while maintaining aesthetic nature that accompanies all high heel shoes.